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audios51 (almost 9 years ago)

Maybe God gave you Peggy as a gift to show you the depth of love that your heart can hold. True love is a gift don't turn it off or turn it away. When my Ottie Bug died I was devastated, but all the love I had for him I gave to my new baby Chester. Ottie Bug and Peggy are frolicking pain free together.

mizbritt87 (almost 9 years ago)

haha! thats funny jake only snuck in the car once. now he dont have to sneak he thinks he owns everything l.o.l but i love him to death and wouldnt change one single thing

KatB (almost 9 years ago)

Just wanted to tell you I am thinking of you at this time. I know it's still hard for you. I ask God to watch over Peggy and to help you heal. I know your pain. But I know God too. And he is sending you his love and healing promise. Rest in his arms, and let him help. Sending love and hugs to you, friendship, and hope for your healing. Kat