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rubysmom (over 9 years ago)

I was wondering where I can find a curry brush. I have never heard of one. I think I have bought every kind of brush there is and nothing seems to gather the hair out of the coat. Thanks!

jadababy73 (over 9 years ago)

Your babies are too cute. I got my first pug (Penalope Marie) june 2008 and she was such a sweet babie we wanted another and we don't get him until May 9th. We have a huge yard front and back and there is no way I would ever let my babies stay outside. If you look at her page, she is very spoiled but we would love to have a few that we didn't get from breeders. How do I find rescue

pugsly (about 9 years ago)

Devonator, sooby is adorable and I know she has a great home and she looks so cute in the pink sweater. Max and Oreo have a new sister.

rubysmom (about 9 years ago)

Hope your new business is a great success. Do you know how to make the bones that are really hard and last for a while. I like those the best because it keeps them busy for a while and they have to work at it.

predatorpug (about 9 years ago)

Sorry about that!! It kept saying there were problems downloading pics and bam!! there were doubles of everything!!!lol

puggylou (about 9 years ago)

WWOOWWW!!!!!!! how many pugs do you have!!? it must be so much work having so many! but fun too, right?

devonator (about 9 years ago)

puggylou - i have four pugs and one pekingese.  out of my pugs, my oldest is blind, has congestive heart failure and severe arthritis, my 9 year old has pretty bad allergies but the other two are doing great!  you're right, it's alot of work but i wouldn't trade it for anything!!  and it is alot of fun..... never a dull moment!! 

Pugsnkisses4me (over 6 years ago)

I recently lost by sweet little Pug "Buttercup". She was only 10 yrs old. I just have so many unanswered questions. I had an unconfirmed diagnosis of a brain tumor. I noticed in your post that you had a Pug that died of a brain tumor. I would just like to know if she had PDE or a tumor. The Vet said no to PDE because of her age. Can you tell me more about the symptoms and how it was at the very end. I know it may be difficult for you, but I just need answers. Here is more about my Pug. By dog “Buttercup” was a 10 yr old Pug. She has never had any major health issues other than stones in her bladder and skin allergies. She looked and acted like a 1yr old until about 3 weeks ago. On Dec 17, 2011 she had a seizure and I rushed her to the Vet. She had three more within 24 hrs, and was put on Phenobarbital. She did not have any more seizures, but remained extremely lethargic for two weeks. She became so week that she could not stand up, and had developed a severe eye infection. I took her to a 24 hr emergency clinic. She was kept on IV’s and monitored for 24r hrs. There was no improvement. Her medication was stopped and I brought her home. The attending Vet said it was likely Brain Cancer. I had spent close to 900.00 on Vet bills. I could not afford to get her the MRI to confirm the Cancer. She slowly got worse. She continued eating up until the day she died. She became very weak, falling over when she tried to walk. Acting very confused and lost most of her sight. She kept having this thick green discharge coming from her eyes. She would on occasion cry out like someone was kicking her. She had difficulting eating from her bowl. I had to It keep spooning the food to her. She would try to stand with her paw turned under. She always made it to her potty pads until the final day. It was very heartbreaking to watch. She fought hard every day to make it. She lived exactly 1 month and 4 days after her first seizure. Does this sound like what you experienced? Thank You