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bandit (about 8 years ago)

thank you for the nice comment on my dog Bandit and my little girl Maddy, yes he gets all kinds of fallen treats lol.. Your pug's are really cuteis one of them Silver????

dollila (about 8 years ago)

Mattie is fawn colored & Wyatt is kind of a mix! His mother was fawn and his father was black and he is a mix of both I guess! It seems like the older he gets, the darker he gets. I've had people on the street comment about his unusual coloring also.

Nano07 (almost 8 years ago)

How do I get the bows to stay in? I glue them, it does not hurt them since they shed everyday so they fall by themselves. I use the silicon gun but I dont put them on her until the glue is cold but not hard. I dont do it like everyday is just like for big events. I tried different ways but since they have short short hair is impossible to keep them on. I dont want to sound crazy I'll never hurt my babies but that's how I do it!