is from Johannesburg, South Africa and has been a member for over 8 years

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Gucci on her step in the pool by Gucci10
Gucci ready for a swim by Gucci10


Madison Rose (over 8 years ago)

Hi Gucci, thanks so much for your note.  I'm very impressed that you are a designer pug!  I, too, like the good life, so we have that in common.  Welcome to pugspot!  Licks and wags from Maddie

SamMorgan (over 8 years ago)

Aww Your puggy is so cute!  And you live in South Africa! thats great You wil enjoy Pugspot! The picture of the puggy is cute!

SamMorgan (over 8 years ago)

I love your Comment Reply. I didnt Even Know that Pugs are in Africa? But Its great to have FRIENDS in South america

Mom2Pugs (over 8 years ago)

Wow Gucci it is so cool to have a friend from so far away! You are just adorable! Welcome to Pug Spot we think this is the best site for pugs on the net! Check out Forums to see what everyone is talking about today. My name is Marti and my two pugs are Desi and Bella

Gucci10 (over 8 years ago)

I am also so happy to have pug friends in America!!! Glad to you meet you Marti, Desi and Bella!

RosienMikeysMom (over 8 years ago)

hi gucci10...isn't it great to have friends all over the world that have the love of this amazing breed?! so glad to have you join our pugspot family. your pug is absolutely adorable!!!! by the way...what is karting?

Gucci10 (over 8 years ago)

Hey there Rosie and Mikey's Mom. Yes, it is truly awesome to find pug pals all over the world. Puggies are the best breed ever. Carting / Karting is a low key agility activity. Little carts are attached with a harness to the back of the pug, and they pull them along behind them. Gucci hasn't mastered this art, and I don't think she ever will, as she doesn't like to be attached to anything. She prefers dams, pools and any water she can get her body into. Your pugs are adorable!!! So glad to meet them.