is from York. Uk and has been a member for about 8 years


Jodiesgirl (about 8 years ago)

Hi all! I'm new to bein a pug mummy so any tip or advice would be kindly appreciated! Look forward to sharing my new memories of me and my baby girl coco with you all xx

JanandSass (almost 8 years ago)

Hi Jodie, saw you question in the health forum - but it is coming up with an error message. That is why you have no replies - hope you get this message. Yes, she can still have puppies as long as the hernia is well healed, say a year later to be on the safe side. BUT: be aware that pugs often have difficulty having puppies and they have to be overseen by a Vet in case of requiring a delivery by cesarian section. I have heard this is common with pugs and can be very expensive, not to mention dangerous! I would think twice about it, please don't put your puggie in danger!

JanandSass (over 7 years ago)

Jodie's Girl, your forum entries are still coming up with no responses as they are getting error messages.