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leafy (almost 8 years ago)

Thanks for your message, Baxter is a cutie too. I think there are some other members in the UK and Ireland. Not many though

Teri (over 7 years ago)

Vinnie is 11 weeks old now. He was 6 weeks when that photo at the park (nibbling dad's earlobe) was taken.

akire_erika02 (over 7 years ago)

Mika is only two and a half months old. Yes she is tiny..hehe! People say that pugs just grow bigger.. I wonder what age, and also, when do they start to bark?

laurenlovespug (over 7 years ago)

hiya keg :D my babies are my world haha!! the black thing in the picture is a croft (crufts approved) doggy play pen, you fill it with vet bed and toys and they spend hours in there playing when i've got house work to do or if i have to leave them for a few hours i know they are safe. they are also much bigger than a crate so they are perfect for naptimes after youve toilet trained them. Inca my baby puggy sleeps in a cot, but it has the mattress removed & replaced with MDF, and loads of lovely soft vet bed and blankets, i also put a cot bumper round the sides when she was a tiny pup to make sure she couldnt get her head stuck in the bars at night. although i crate train i dont really like crates that much and i like knowing she has space to play and run round in the cots and play pens!! :D its worked wonders for us because she loves going into it and now her head is much bigger she wont get it stuck. its really important you dont put collars on them in the pens though! :Dxx

Keg1986 (over 7 years ago)

hi Lauren, You pugs bedroom looks great! Better than my own lol. Its good to see many people out there who love there fur babies so much. Your Pug family is gorges! I would love to have more pugs but I can only bring 1 to work.

MustLovePugs (over 7 years ago)

Good Morning, Thank you for your message. Dunkin will be 6 months old on 12/12/10. He is still my baby! Your baxter is so cute. I love the reindeer picture!

dodafunkychicke (over 7 years ago)

I only have one pug - this is the day I went to collect Polly from her foster home. I have uploaded some more lovely piccies today

JanandSass (about 7 years ago)

I am so glad things are working out better for you. I think Baxter and Howard make a very cute couple! I love to see the outdoor pictures you do, (in fact I love all the folk's outdoor pics), it is so much fun to see the places where people live with their pug babies!

JanandSass (about 7 years ago)

Sorry, I never got to you question about the little blonde dog in my photo. His name is Barney, he is Bichon crossed with Shi-tzu! He is a sweetie, but very very stubborn.