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whisper sticking her tongue out by kimmyt38


Sazzles (about 5 years ago)

Now that I've seen your puggies name....I started to think I'd seen her somewhere before! I don't suppose you adopted her from "pug luv" in Michigan? If she is the same dog, and I didn't have a naughty 8 month pup I think I'd have been fighting you for her She is absolutely beautiful!

kimmyt38 (about 5 years ago)

I sure did! She is amazing.........so loveable and sweet. I highly recommend The Michigan Pug Rescue for anyone looking for a new family member. They are terrific!!

Sazzles (about 5 years ago)

Oh that's so funny! i must be a pug lover to recognize her lol
I've been along to lots of meet and greets with pug luv but they always had older pugs which wouldn't be suited to our young bouncy golden retriever eventually i gave up and got a pup instead and typically they have lots of younger dogs now, but there's no way my husband will let me have another one so soon after getting a pup! I'm so pleased to see she has gone to such a great home