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pugsnquilts (about 10 years ago)

hair shedding has a lot to do with food. i have a furminator and i was disappointed in it. not worth the money! what works better is a curry comb, one of those round ones that one would use when cleaning a cow or horse, because it's like a shedding blade with teeth. i know it sounds wierd, but it works great. it pulls out all the loose and weak hair and makes their coat so much softer. our black pug doesn't shed nearly as much as our double coated fawn pug.

elainekunze (almost 10 years ago)

I love this site ! I have had Pugs all my life and a better companion one could ever ask for, and hello to you and your Puggies, from elaine, don and our Monkey-face

Kitti (almost 10 years ago)

Thanks for the welcome. I uploaded a cute pic of one of my pugs playing scabble. Very nice site,

amelieville (over 9 years ago)

Great site! I'm glad Amelieville05 is now a part of it. Thank you for the comment on Amelie's picture.

judy501 (over 9 years ago)

thankyou for your comments on millie brian i am in joying the site it fun, sometimes sad also very interesting love it xx

judy501 (over 9 years ago)

mamapugford i was looking at greydelrosario photos on this site and is very upset the way the dog are kept it looks like a puppy mill it makes me cry. they look so sad. what do you think?

judy501 (over 9 years ago)

the photos have been viewed over a 100 times know one as made any comment im sorry to go on about it but im so upset

lisa terry (about 9 years ago)

we are looking for a male fawn pug between 6 months to a year old, my husband just loves them and i dont want to buy one when i think there is one that needs a good loving home, if you know of someone who is in the southern california area that has one please let us know so we can post pictures on your site.

puggylou (about 9 years ago)

i love your pugs baxter and sofia! they seem to have curious personalities and are VERRRRY cute!! i wish i could have two pugs also. it seems like they get along pretty well. pugs are the best. thanks for making such a great website!!!