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docand (over 6 years ago)

HI, I'm Doc. I don't know if I responded to your post. I don't think I did so.... Lexi went in for her dental work on Monday of this week. She had white lesions next to her upper canine teeth. They were noticed about 9 months ago and I figured that I would just keep an eye on them. They really never changed any, but I finally decided to get them checked out anyways. They were about 1/4 inch in diameter. Both the surgeon and his nurse are certified dental techs. They both thought that they were caused by plaque buildup on the teeth. The only way to find out was to remove and send in for a lab. That done, they also cleaned her teeth and pulled a dead tooth. It's Friday, and she is all back to normal now. No word heard on the lab. Have a nice week-end. Doc and his girls