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RosienMikeysMom (about 8 years ago)

welcome to pugspot!!!...i was looking at your photos and started commenting on some of them. they are all so cute that i just figured it was easier just to send you a note. you have one adorable little pugger!!!!

pugsly (about 8 years ago)

Glad you had a happy birthday and you are right ,you don't have enough toys. It's gonna be hot today so stay cool. We like popsicles and frozen yogurt, it's yummy. Have a good day. Licks and wags Pugsly and the boys.

RobinSchell (about 8 years ago)

In Baja we have a table made of concrete, I put a blanket on it, the dogs like to lay there and watch the people walk by. Now mind you there is a doorway they can see out just fine.....silly dogs