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pugsly (almost 8 years ago)

Don't give up!!! E mails and phone call don't always work, go in person and the chances are better. Shelters and rescues have a habit of losing paper work( i found that out). If a pug isn't ready for adoption and is on hold see if you can get on a list for that pug. Thats what I had to do when i adopted Pugsly, I was #2 and the #1 didn't want him. Good luck with your search and DON'T give up

tugboat (almost 8 years ago)

Don't give up on a rescue pug! Try to be patient and know that all the waiting will be so worth it when you finally get a new puggie! I work with Pug Rescue of Florida and we are all volunteers, only in it to try and help displaced pugs find a forever home! If you ever saw the kind of neglect puppy mill dogs endure you would never want to buy another!

pugsly (about 7 years ago)

Glad to hear you got your puggie and I hope she is adjusting well. Pleqase be careful with kids toys, they have plastic eyes and thats the first thing a pug chews off and they will swallow them. Dog toys are safer. She is a real cutie and needs to be spoiled.