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frolicking in fields of flowers! by safyre1


pugsly (about 8 years ago)

We get treats for going out in freezzy cold too. When it snows daddie shovels for us. So you stay warm while we try to stay cool, it's summer here now. Licks and wags. Pugsly

kbailey (over 7 years ago)

I'm se excited to see a fellow South African! I thought I might be the only one on the site. Charka lives with us in Milnerton, Cape Town. We have had him for 8 months and he is the absolute center of our universe. We have just started "big school" at the Cape Province dog club. I was worried at first but Charka is clearly a gifted child. He can do everything we have learned so far. Wish I was also in Joburg for the Halloween dog party

Rita (over 7 years ago)

Hi, I keep checking back on your blog to see if update on Fidel. I hope he is doing well and home or soon will be, keeping him in our prayers. Zena and Rita