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puggylou (about 9 years ago)

Hi, SamMorgan! Welcome to Pugspot. Thanks for the nice comments, your pug is really cute. love the head tilt!

paymanbenz (almost 9 years ago)

Hi SamMorgan. All of the pictures on my account are pictures that I personally took of my pug Dude. The video I uploaded of Dude has my website's watermark on it because that's how we edited it when we put it on YouTube and other sites. It was a huge viral hit over the holidays and has amassed almost half a million views. So once I opened an account on PugSpot, I wanted to also share the video with other pug lovers.

Madison Rose (almost 9 years ago)

Hi SamMorgan. Thanks for your note about Maddie being pug of the month. It's the good will and kind postings from people (and pugs!) like you that make pugspot a great place! Thanks again and Maddie sends lick and wags to you!

Madison Rose (almost 9 years ago)

Morgan, I read your profile--people think I'M a boy, too. I guess I'm not too dainty or ladylike! We'd probably be great friends, you and I! HA HA! From Maddie!

SamMorgan (almost 9 years ago)

Yeah I love Puggy Lou she is adorable, Me and Puggy Lou talk alot and so now Puggy lou is on my web because I let her. Puggly Lou is great!

amyb8199 (almost 9 years ago)

Thanks Sammorgan. Your puggy is adorable also. Pugsley and I are looking forward to making great pug friends no pugspot.

SamMorgan (almost 9 years ago)

Message @ Paymanbenz:

Hello I was on Youtube and then I saw your video that recently belonged to akwardpictures.com/

So something tells me its notyour puggy!  

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

dear maddie and sammorgan,

   sorry i did not notice those wonderful comments you two wrote about me earlier!!!! thank you so much!! you guys are great pugspot friends too!!!

      pugs and kisses!!  love: puggy lou

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)


  i see you and olivia seemed to used to talk alot on pugspot, but it seems like olivia isn't on pugspot much anymore. it's usually only me, the one who does lots of !!!!! and . (exclamation marks and smiles) i am almost eleven. i love morgan!! puggy's bff on pugspot. and madison rose and pugsly!!!

talk to you soon!!! from elena & puggy

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

you connect with livy still?? ohhhh.... it seems like she is never on pugspot. hmmm.... well i can't wit to become good pugspot friends!!!! talk to you later!!

from elena & puggy lou

ps i am the girl by the window in my video "he is afraid  of puggy" and the photo "just me and pug". i look bad in both- i can't seem to get a good photo/video of me and puggy!!! sry...

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

how do you get to put up your photos on forums?? like in the birthday cake forum, and the bambi and morgan forum. please write back.... i would like to know how you do it!!! thanx!!!

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

dear sammorgan,

i tryed to put up a cute photo of puggy lou on your forum "cute pug or your pug" but it would not let me. i typed in the name/number of the photo, and then it appeared as an X. is ther an easier way to teach me??

BeefyPug (almost 9 years ago)

Hey Morgan and family!
I'm glad there are other Las Vegas pugs on Pugspot!
Penny and I are on the Southwest side of Las Vegas,
but it is refreshing to know there are other pug lovers
in Las Vegas! You should check out our pug blog:
Have a great weekend!

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

so when you try to put up a photo on forums, do you have to type in the name/ number when it says insert URL? i still do not get it. i tryed it uncoutable times!!! help!!!

SamMorgan (almost 9 years ago)


Oh cool, Southwest, isnt that at the strip of where are the casinos are.

@puggylou for example just get it from ONLY Photobucket or flickr sometimes, type in ( for example) http://www.flickr.com/photos/evanagee/166407398/ BUT WAIT! on the chat box there are buttons, and press the one with a snap shot, and it has green button, and it wants the url of the page with the picture

Puggy2009 (almost 9 years ago)

I love morgan! I am hoping for Joy! HaHAHahA! Morgan is a bundle of joy, but can you put more videos, I love the videos!

Mom2Pugs (over 8 years ago)

Thanks for your coment!  Desi loves his pug pajamas, but he has gotten a little too big for them!  OOps!  Guess I should have Bella chase him a few more times around the house!  LOL  PS, Morgan is adorable! 

SamMorgan (over 8 years ago)


I do love those pajamas, I got Morgan a costume for Halloween, Shes going to be a devil, I will post them on Pugspot! Ttyl



Hi I havent talk to you for a long time, thx for commenting, i love your puggies, and I gave them a treat AGAIN, lolz

Ashlie (over 8 years ago)

Hey! I try to get on here as much as possible but not much has been updated since the Moderators had their baby....I still enjoy looking through everything. I hope all is well!

SamMorgan (over 8 years ago)


I hope everything is going well, now last time I talked to you was in like...... a month or two ago

jadababy73 (over 8 years ago)

Thanks for the treats.  Penalope and Chip gave the lovely Morgan three treats and a big hug.  She's a real cutie

Puggy2009 (over 8 years ago)

I know, I just wanted to added Dolly to the pets, so everyone knows, I am going to uploadd the old photos i had with her.

HaroPug (over 8 years ago)

Thank you for the Dear Welcome, I am only 15, I am learning Eniglsih So Sometimes my eniglsih is bad

puggylou (over 8 years ago)

hey sammorgan!!! i was sooo happy to hear from you! thanks for congradulating puggylou. we love morgan!

Madison Rose (over 8 years ago)

Hi Morgan, lots of people think I'm a boy, too.  When my grammie took me to petsmart recently, tons of people kept saying, "he's so cute" and "what's his name?"  I think my grammie felt bad 'cause she said, "HER name is Madison!"  I don't mind, though.  I'm kinda like a tomboy and that's okay, right?  Licks and wags from Maddie!

vicky brenton (over 8 years ago)

THNX 4 THE COMMENT==MY DAUGHTER HAS A PUG=LOLA she looks just like MORGAN  i think all PUGS are adorable...yours is a SWEETIE PIE

Madison Rose (over 8 years ago)

Hi SamMorgan, thanks for your messages.  It gets cold here in Pennsylvania, too.  Yesterday we had SNOW and I sat in the window and watched the flakes fly!  Licks and wags from Maddie

Gucci10 (over 8 years ago)

Hey Morgan!  You are the cutest puglet ever!  And very photogenic.  Thanks for commenting on my picture too.  I am really happy to have found puglet friends in America!  Lots of licks and puggy hugs from Gucci!! 

Madison Rose (over 8 years ago)

SamMorgan, Hurry and find your cord for your camera so I can see more photos of you!  Licks and wags from your friend Maddie!

dexter2005 (over 8 years ago)

Yes it is how do you know you dont know were i live or what i look like LOSER!!! ps i feel bad for your pug.

GAPugLover (over 8 years ago)

Thanks for the comment about my pictures. Your Pug Morgan is absolutely precious and very very gorgeous and lovely.

badbearduke (over 8 years ago)

Hey, thanks for the nice comments you left for Max! sorry for taking so long to respond back to you and Samantha. We really do appreciate the thoughts! Too bad Samantha is afraid of water. Max Was at first, I just would take him into the pool in small doses at first, and he eventulaly got used to it. I'm not saying this would work with your pug, but it did work with mine. Take Care from Chris & Max in Orlando, FL.!

pugsly (over 7 years ago)

Hi Sam... Love Morgans new pictures. You guys have a Merry Christmas.
Pugsly and the boys