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Mom2Pugs (almost 9 years ago)

Welcome to Pug Spot!   Scarlet is adorable!  Check out our forums to see what everyone is talking about today!  I am Marti my pugs are Desi and Bella

bowser (almost 9 years ago)

happy birthday, scarlet! i baked bowser's dog birthday cake by using 1 egg, 3/4 cup of flour, and 12 oz of organic sweet potato and chicken baby food. i also blended up cottage cheese for the frosting. the cake was a lot thicker and denser than i would like. it was almost like a thick sweet potato pie than a cake. bowser still loved it though! i would recommend using less baby food so it's more of a cake texture.

Mom2Pugs (almost 9 years ago)

Welcome!  It is great to see someone from the South!  Scarlet is too cute!  Check out forums to see what we are talking about today! 

love the pumpkin!  Marti and my two pugs, Desi and Bella