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Sophia...Little Red RIding Hood by Sofezmom
Enough with the ears....where's my treat! by Sofezmom
My what big ears you have.... by Sofezmom


SamMorgan (over 7 years ago)

Thanks for the comments on Morgan picture! Her presents were in a stocking, and the huge boxes right next to the tree :o)

Christy (over 7 years ago)

Sophia is a sweetie! We have experience the bandage on the legs also. But not from a sticker it was from running to much and tearing the skin off the paw pads on the front two paws.

prince (over 7 years ago)

Hi sophia...my name is piggles....i love love love your pictures! Green is your color!!

jenniecollins (about 7 years ago)

Hi, just read your message about getting a trailor for your pug. We weren't sure if Bugsy would like it so we borrowed one, and he loved it. We rode our bikes to his favourite place to walk, where we usually go by car, and he's not keen on the car. He didn't bark or cry, and after a long walk he was more than happy to travel back and have a rest in the trailor. Borrow one to start with and good luck, i'm sure she'll love it, let me know how u get on:o)

BabyRocco (about 7 years ago)

Hello SofexMom!
I'm glad, (And so is Rocco) that you like our current pictures!
We are trying are best to get pictures of this hyper dogs who can't stay still!
I love them, & I'm glad they love me also. Currently since Rocco's parents came from GA to PA (Where I am) he is so much happier and more hyper.
When I read Rocco his messages (& Lola) they did the pug head tilt and wagged their tails! Thankssss for the comments, Its very much loved.

Noelia, Rocco, Lola, and Rocky!

basil101 (over 6 years ago)

Thankyou to all your comments
The picture "Naughty Basil", he just happens to be tearing a milk carton.
Aw well he's still as cute as ever !