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Merry Christmas to all of our Pugspot friends! by ZuZu0609


puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

welcome to pugspot!! zuzu is so adorable, and too cute. i gave her a couple treats i hope you enjoy!!

Murphy2008 (almost 9 years ago)

Hi, Thanks for the commet, yes pugs are very interestng, & they can & will keep you laughing I know mine does , the looks are priceless, I am sure you will be enjoying her, she looks so sweet & adorable. I gave her some treats. Thanks, Shirley P.

puggylou (almost 9 years ago)

btw, i think your pug should be a dog model, she's so beautiful and precious. she looks cute in all her photos!!

DesertPug (over 8 years ago)

ZuZu is beautiful. My little Phoebe is just a few weeks older she was born 6/10/09 arent they soooo fun at this age?

DesertPug (over 8 years ago)

I tell Phoebe that daily...she will do something she shouldnt and she will look up at me with those wrinkles and big brown eyes...I have to say "youre lucky youre too cute for your own good" She can be quite the handful at times though, but I wouldnt have it any other way.

PugLife (over 8 years ago)

zuzu, Joben's name is in FACT from I love you man :] Good to see someone who knows that! hehe.

Dexter_1001 (over 8 years ago)

Weekends work best for me Let's try to go this Sunday if it's nice out. I'll send you a message closer to so we can agree on a time !!

luvmypugzeus (almost 8 years ago)

Hi Tannis, thank you for the invite, maybe in a couple of weeks we can get together, Zeus is supposed to get his 3rd shots next weekend, so maybe the weekend after that we can get together?! I would love to let Zeus come out and play! Give me a shout some time next week, maybe we can plan something....my # is (604) 514-5078.

pianssimo (almost 8 years ago)

Hi Tannis, thank you for the compliments and sharing ZuZu's pictures with us! From these lovely pics, one can easy tell how much ZuZu means to you and your family! Just enjoy the time we stay together with the puggies!