the queen, Sophie 1998-2011


Our alpha ... she was the BEST well mannered puggie - she also let you know if she didn't quite care for you... LOL we miss you sweet angel!


JanandSass (over 7 years ago)

OH I am so sorry you lost your baby.  She was a beautiful senior citizen - looking over you in spirit. 

MoMoFarrow (over 7 years ago)

What a beautiful girl! She is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, running free in the grass, and feeling no pain!! Both of my puggies are still young (1 1/2yr and 8mos., and their springer spaniel sister is 2), and I cannot even imagine them being senior dogs...My heart will break when that day comes. I'm sure Sophie lived a long happy life...Hugs

Sylvia (over 7 years ago)

Oh Dear, so sorry for your loss. What a Doll she was. Older Pugs have such character, its written all over their beautiful faces. My dear old (fossil,,,i call her) Lucypegs is 16, and looking at your lovely Sophie made me cry. My heart goes out to you, please know that we all are feeling the heart strings being pulled, and am sending prayers and best wishes to you. Sylvia. x.x.x.


allie2020 (over 7 years ago)

   Sylvia ... WOW 16 yrs .  . . it has been sooo difficult losing her ... especially when I was getting her to the Doc and everything ... I thought!!  You just NEVER think of the day when they will no longer be in our lives in a physical way....  While we found THE BEST cremation team to take gentle care of our love ... it is just not the same around here ... Tyson (the oldest) I believe is grieving the loss of his lifelong pal .  . . he is very clingy and "whines" a lot ... and I am in panic mode ... taking Tyson and Schugar to the vet for overall checkups .  . . then Tyson starts coughing a couple days after the vet visit ... back we go, diagnosed w/an URI ... but no temp or sound of fluid in is chest????  Go figure ... I have done so much research trying to figure out WHAT happened to our Girl . . . we will never know but possibly congestive heart failure?  It just breaks my heart .  .  . I appreciate all the wonderful comments posted . . . there is nothing like a puggie!!  Blessing to all that have lost their companions ... we grieve together!

xyzmtandb (over 7 years ago)

so so so sorry for your loss!!!  sophie looks like she was such a sweet pug!!!  I know how hard it  is and the pain you are feeling,  please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.  i hope your heartache passes soon and you just refect on the wonderful memories of great times shared with sophie!  we shall see them again!

allie2020 (over 7 years ago)

She WAS that for sure!  My boy Tyson is just not doing good either ... how do you prepare your heart?  I don't want him to suffer either - he is a trooper at almost 14 yrs ...   Anyway, I appreciate every post ... I found this site today ... very nice story ... it helped:   you can also post your Fur Baby's information ... Pugs .. they win your heart!