gabriele1704's Pug Photos

Mikey and the gals


My garandson with Parys and Porsha, winter 09, sitting on the girls sofa

The Babba!


Porsha absolutely exhausted, and cannot keep her eyes open for mom to take a pic winter 09

My St. Patty's Day babies


I just love dressing them up the same, and they are great at posiong, they love it and don't move, Winter 09, Parys and Porsha

Swinging Parys!


Parys enjoying her time in the park, and loves the little pushes, sspring 2009



Parys and Porsha not too happy going out into the ice cold and blistering weather, and they just love their hoodies, lol late winter 2008

A real doggie bed!


Winter 2008, Porsha is annoying Parys by just ling on top of her, and Parys is just not paying any attention, Porsha is a very busy busy puppy

My new Faux Suede coat!


Parys wearing her new and warm winter coat, and loved it so much, cuz she gets cold really fast 2008

The Bat!


Porsha sleeping on her back as a baby, winter 2008

Porhsa's 1st Xmas!


I just sat her down, and this is the way she sat, and she never even moved, what a shot, I just adore the babies, also on my Louis the IV gold leaf...

Our Nightly walks!


Spring 2009, around 12 am and read to go for our lovely walk with our mom, and waiting for the elevator