Lucky-CO Pug Rescue


Is a 2 year old male pug up for adoption through the Colorado Pug rescue. He is a great pug, well behaved and very trainable. He is an alpha male, so he should be in a home where he is the boss. He comes from a home with a young boy, and would love to be back in a home with his own boy or kids. He takes awhile to warm up, but after he gets warmed up.. (used to you), he is a great dog. He loves chewing on rawhide bones, is healthy and a little larger than the normal sized pug. He fits the pug description to a 't' and is most happy when he is with his humans. This includes sleeping with you. He doesn't like to be left out of anything, and is curious all of the time. He knows how to use the doggy door, doesn't eat junk food, hears very well, (so you know someone is in his yard) and you can apply for adoption through the website, Lucky needs a family!