Deuce-CO Pug Rescue


Although Deuce's eyes look red in this picture, he had an eye infection when he came to the Pug Rescue, and this has cleared up nicely with the application of eye drops. He is loveable and licks your ears like crazy! Deuce comes from an older couple who did not have the time for him. He would love to be with a family, and could have other pugs around. Deuce knows how to use a doggy door, and loves to play with his toys. He snuggles up nicely in a 'pug pile' to sleep. Like all pugs, he loves his humans and is craving more attention than he is able to get right now. Deuce is about a year and a half old, very smart and so cuddly! He must be invited to sit on your lap or to get on the furniture. Although in his current home, he is invited to join in the activities on a regular basis, he needs the kind of attention that will make him feel like he is the number one pooch for his human. Deuce is healthy, cute, and in need of his own family. If you would like to adopt him, please contact the Colorado Pug Rescue at and ask to meet him!