pugs given Minpin a face cleanin


This is China Rose and Sulynn, giving my minpin Bonnie a face cleaning.


JanandSass (over 7 years ago)

Poor Bonnie - every time you take a pic of her, we can't see her face cause the pugs are hogging the camera! 

KatB (over 7 years ago)

I have to tell everyone, that when ever the pugs do this to her, she is grumbleing the whole time. She is Boss Bitch in my house (under me) HA! And Rosie does it to her to piss her off I am sure. Bonnie was sick and wouldn't eat for a while but is back to her old grumpie self. She will be 11 yrs old Jan. 28th the day after mine. She is a great old gal.