soooo sleepy


Pugs in this photo: Baxter

Baxter loves his dummy :-)


JanandSass (over 6 years ago)

He is so cute.  Does he actually suck on it - if so he must receive some comfort from it?  Dear little fellow.   

Kat_and_Rex (over 6 years ago)

Ohhhh bless, I miss Rex and his diddy, he looked so cute! Rex would suck on his (like he does his bears now); he has out grown his diddy (or lost) It did reappear a few weeks ago and he walked around with it for a few days, but didn;t suck on it, just carrying, it has gone again now!

Keg1986 (over 6 years ago)

Baxter loves his dummy, when I went to collect him from the breeders the ladies little boy had a dummy in his mouth and as we walked out the door he put it on baxter's blanket for me to take, ever since then its been his comfort thing, he likes to chew and suckle on it until he falls asleep.  he also likes to show off with it when we have visitors , trotting around the house or work snorting with his dummy in his mouth 

JanandSass (about 6 years ago)

Isn't it funny how stuff disappears and reappears - bones, kongs, balls, etc.  I usually find them by stepping on them or doing the vacuuming!

Kat_and_Rex (about 6 years ago)

Oh my gosh, I thought Rexi was the only one who shwoered off toys whern visitors came, but they couldn;t take them just look lol.