pickle age 8 months



lovemypug (over 7 years ago)

hi to any1 who views this pic, does my little pug look slightly on the fat side to you he's currently 8 months and weighs 9.8kg my vet told me he is big but then admitted he only has my little pug registered with him, so maybe doesn't get that pugs are square little dogs.

MustLovePugs (over 7 years ago)

Wow... I was just looking at the pic of him when he was 13 wks I think it said. He is such a great looking pug! I don't think he looks fat. I took my pug to the vet yesterday and he weights 18 pounds (not sure how much that is in KG) and was told that was a good weight. Yours looks so shiney and healthy. What a face!

lovemypug (over 7 years ago)

hiya aww thanks for your comments, 9.8kg is about 21lbs and as i said he's only now 8 months so still got a bit of growing to do i've already cut his food down recently as he's just been neutered and apparently neutered dogs are 3 times more likely to put on weight. 

YOLANDI (over 7 years ago)

Please don't worry. He is in perfect shape and I also think he is perfect breeding stock.! He has the button ears & 2 curls in the tail..... PERFECT PUG!