A 1/2 Bushel of Pearl's Puglets = Sheer Heaven


These are the pups right after their first shots and worming at the vet this past Saturday.


Moco PUG (almost 9 years ago)

They are way too cute, I just want to take them all home.  I think that they will terrorize my little Moco though!!!! lol

Moco has gotten set in her ways and does not like the young pugs.

Twirds (almost 9 years ago)

That is so precious!  I can't believe they all stayed in there for you!  That had to be some trip!  LOL

Frankie2009 (over 6 years ago)

what is it with picutes of Puglets...that no one can resist! no matter what a day I have had...Frankie always makes me feel better, if you suffer from depression look at a picture of a puglet or hang out with a pug it will cure it! if I could snuggle with them I feel great!