My little fashion disaster


Pugs in this photo: Puck Thomas

Lol. Puck has a brown coat, a green backpack, and red snow booties. He clashes like no other, but he's warm and his feet are protected and he has water and a first aid kit if he needs it. So I guess its worth it. lol and now every person we pass stops to look at him and give him a pet b/c he's hard to miss.


pugsly (over 7 years ago)

Puck your so cute anyway so the accesories don't matter, but I do love the booties.

JanandSass (over 7 years ago)

The booties are cute - do they stay on OK?  My Sass gets cold feet sometimes if there is loose snow!   He's ready for the Great White North!  

Puglover0625 (over 7 years ago)

Lol. I'm glad everyone else liked the booties because he hates them! lol. He'll wear them on our walks because he recognizes that it keeps his feet dry and away from the snow, but it takes a lot of treats and coaxing to get them on.

Jdm- They do stay on pretty well, unless he's trying to bite them and pull them off. When he's just walking around in them though, they stay firmly on his feet. I orded them from Petco, size small but Puck is a smaller sized pug. They basically just look like rubber balloons. lol