Little Baby Lucia Maria!


I am a happy and lucky little girl. I was purchased unknowningly from a bad man and lady that ran a puppy mill in Missouri. My family adores me and always keep my belly and heart full of food and love!


Kricket10 (over 7 years ago)

you do look like a happy little girl! what a great pic! kudos to you for unknowingly saving her

vinknee (over 7 years ago)

My son purchased her over the web.  I will ask him and let you know.  I do know that the couple that ran the puppy mill were arrested and the mill shut down.  We had contacted the authorities in MO and they said they could get our money back.  But, there is no way we are going to give her up!  She is healthy but does have grade 1 sub-laxation; her left hind knee on occasion pops out.  This would happen over the summer while running in the yard.  During the winter, this has rarely happen.