Sofia's First Day

Pugs in this video: Baxter and Sofia

Baxter wasn't so sure about Sofia the first day she was home.


Hugo_and_Izzy (almost 9 years ago)

OMG so cute Hugo did the same thing when we brought Izzy home.. he was not sure if he wanted to play with her or what...too funny..pugs are funny!

PugPaws (over 8 years ago)

Sofia seems to act like she's bigger than Baxter! That's an adorable video! Ofcourse, any video with at least one pug in it is cute

awesomeblossom (over 8 years ago)

My Lasha Apso Ginger did that when I brought Blossom home for the first time. When I bought Titan home first time, I swear Ginger had a look like, "Heeeeey, he looks just like that first one. Man, not another Pug!!!"

puggylou (almost 8 years ago)

The thing I love about this video is seeing Baxter act like he is the bigger better boss of the house pug. it is really funny seeing the videos where Sofia is more grown and being Baxter's 'Mama'

mrsm (over 7 years ago)

How old was Sofia when that video was taken? She looks about 5 or 6 weeks...She is tiny - but gorgeous too!

Pugpals3 (about 7 years ago)

Our 2nd pug Roo was so small when we got her that we had to let Porkchop meet her through her crate. She literally fit in the palm of my hand (we were shocked when we picked her up from the airport!) and was too tiny for a 1 on 1 introduction. This was confirmed further by the first trip to the backyard where she was literally knocked over by the wind. But they became the best of friends, and we have the most adorable shots of her and her 'bestest friend' as she got bigger. Take lots of pictures and video!