loves her rawhides

Pugs in this video: Kricket

this is her favorite way to eat her rawhides.... on her back with you holding them... spoiled rotten


Twirds (about 6 years ago)

Mine love to chew there raw hides too but I have never had them do it upside down before!  LOL  SO cute!

petuniamay (about 6 years ago)

hahaha!  She's chillaxin while she chews!  Petunia makes us hold her rawhides too, and if you don't, she'll stick it in your hair or lay it on your shoulder until you give in. 

dollila (about 6 years ago)

Wyatt & Mattie are the same way! They'll jump up and dump it in your lap, then sit there and look at you until you pick it up and hold it! I don't mind though because then I can monitor and make sure they're not tearing any pieces off! They certainly have us wrapped around their little paws, don't they??

JanandSass (almost 6 years ago)

Kricket is a beautiful baby!  It is a good idea to hold the rawhide, but it wouldnt work for Sass, she always runs away and hides with her treats!  

Kricket10 (almost 6 years ago)

awww... thanks guys i'd only ever seen 1 brindle pug before i got her. she's so different but still pug looking... i want another one