Nail Care – Tips For The Perfect Pug Pedicure

Anyone who cares for a Pug knows how quickly their nails grow. Most dogs, Pugs included, do not enjoy having their nails clipped. How do you accomplish this daunting task while keeping your Pug at peace?

Here are a few helpful hints for giving your Pug the perfect pedicure.

If you have a new puppy this is the time to start their nail care routine. Most dogs have some aversion to having their feet handled. You need to get them used to this when they are young. This will diminish their fear tremendously.

If you have adopted an older Pug it may have unknown fears. In this case, you will have to proceed with tender loving care. Do not attempt to cut their nails by force. Try to reassure them with a calm and loving voice. Get them comfortable with you holding and rubbing their feet. Let them see and inspect the tools. You must let them go at their own pace.


Before you can begin to clip their nails you will need the proper tools. Do not try to cut costs on nail clippers. The better the clipper, the easier the task. Most people prefer the guillotine type of nail clipper. They are the easiest to use. Make sure that the blade is sharp. Dull blades cause pain. Scissor types are good for clipping the tips off of nails.

So, if your Pug doesn’t need a full nail trimming, this is a good option. Nail clippers come in a variety of sizes. Take care to get the appropriate ones for your Pug. You might want to have a file too. A file is good for polishing any rough spots left by the clipping. In addition to these items, you should have a styptic pencil, styptic powder or silver nitrate applicators. These will be needed to stop any bleeding that might occur. And finally, have plenty of their favorite treats handy.

Relax Them

You should start with a stress-free surrounding. Any noises or activities could startle your Pug causing a mishap. If you are comfortable with placing your Pug on your lap it could be beneficial to you both. It will provide them with a safe feeling while it provides you with better control. If not, try placing them on the kitchen counter.

Prep the Area

Lay a towel or non-slip mat down so that your Pug will not slide. Try to distract your Pug. They will accept it better if they don’t see it coming. Perhaps someone can talk to your Pug while you are busy with its nails.

Begin Trimming

When it comes time for the actual clipping you may be worried. How much do I cut? Properly trimmed nails should just touch the ground when walking. You may find that the front nails tend to need more care. This is normal. The front nails get less wear than the back nails. If you are lucky, your Pug will have light colored nails. The quick is easily seen in these so there really is no question. However, if your Pug has dark nails it is not so clear.

With dark nails you may have to cut small sections at a time. This way you will avoid hitting the quick. As you continue to clip the nail you will see a gray to pink oval start to appear. When you see this do not cut any further or you will hit the quick. If this does happen don’t panic. Your Pug is okay. Apply the styptic or silver nitrate until the bleeding stops.

Dogs with extra long, uncared for nails are more problematic. It may takes weeks or months of careful trimming to get their nails the proper length. After each trimming allow a week for the quick to recede further up the nail. Then you can trim again. Continue this process until the proper length is obtained.


If your Pug is still resistant to clipping there is another alternative. You could invest in a nail grinder kit. They are affordable and easy to use. They can give you peace of mind that traditional clippers can’t.

The nail grinder works quickly and safely to trim your pet's nails. It helps you to avoid the quick and it will automatically cauterize a bleeder at higher speeds. The kit comes with detailed instructions for use.

Are you still uncomfortable with the thought of clipping your Pug’s nails? Well, there is a third choice. You can always let a groomer or your veterinarian do it for you. That way neither you nor your Pug will have a bad experience.

No matter who clips their nails reward your Pug for a job well done. Give them lots of praise, treats, hugs and kisses. Try to make nail clipping a pleasant experience for you both.

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